Our Story

Globally, we produce 13 million tons of textile waste each year. 95% of which could be reused or recycled. Our journey is to try and change the fast-fashion industry, because of these clothing brands and irresponsible consumer purchases, major high street brands are responsible for a majority of textile waste.

On average, parents use 280 pieces of childrens clothing in the first two years after their child is born. Whether it’s gifts from family and friends, or your own inability to resist cute baby clothes, that’s a lot of baby clothes.

The impact of children’s clothing in landfills is astounding.

Founded in 2020, Loved By Us was born to try and help shape a new future of our littlest ones by providing a sustainable alternative to purchasing children and maternity clothing. 

The concept behind Loved By Us is simple, for a monthly subscription fee of £40 (including postage) we provide a complete wardrobe of everything your baby or toddler needs to wear - from vests, to cardigans, to coats and snowsuits. We also stock special occasion outfits and seasonal wear such as sunsuits and beach hats.

Our baby bundles start from 6 months up to age 2 and there are 15 items in our signature package.

The clothing in your bundle is expertly crafted complying with the highest ethical and environmental standards, and all of there beautiful designs are created using only the best quality fabrics. Typically each bundle will be a mixture of brand new and preloved items, but all in great condition. We only use fragrance free laundry products.

Why not save some money and the planet by renting only what you need, when you need it? One Loved By Us member monthly saves 6 kilograms of CO2, 242 liters of water, and 0.3 kilograms of cotton. That means that utilising Loved By Us for one year alone could save 72 kilograms of CO2, 2,904 liters of water, and 3.6 kilograms of cotton.

Who are we?!       

We are a small team based in Cardiff, where both our headquarters and warehouse are located.

Loved By Us is co-founded by Becky and Max. We are individuals with an idea to change the world.