Autumn Bundle Girls 9-12 Months

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Discover our Loved By Us bundle, handpicked with your little one in mind. Enjoy our 15 high-quality items ranging from rompers to shorts.

Each bundle contains a mixture of new and second-hand clothes that are curated for your baby’s size and the changing seasons.

What's included in your bundle?

- 5 sets

- 2 rompers

- 4 tops

- 3 bottoms

- 1 jacket

For peace of mind, all of our bundles include rental insurance.

Find out more about our cleanliness guarantee.

Why use a bundle?

Saving the planet

By renting clothes you'll save the carbon equivalent to flying from London to New York. Now that's something we can get on-board with.

Saving Money

With a store value of over £100 your helping to save for a rainy day! 

What else is included with your bundle?

- Free Shipping & Returns

- Compostable shipping bags

- Rental Insurances

- Our cleanliness guarantee


I've been trialling the Loved By Us subsciption for the past month now and love how simple and easy to use the subscription is.

Helen Head

Having spent far to much on baby clothes for my little girl, Loved By Us gives me the option to spend less and dress my little girl in stylish high quaility clothes.

Chloe Jennings

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